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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Walgreens and Kroger


Alright, I only did two transactions at Walgreens. I may run back up there tonight, if not, I will do more later in the week. I did two identical transactions that looked like this

1 Mitchem deod $2.99 used $.75 coupon
1 Skintimate Shaving cream $2.99
Tums duel action $7.99 used $3 coupon
3 Easter Candies as fillers $.12

Paid with RRs and Giftcard, got back $2 for Mitchem, and $3 each for skintimate and tums.

OOP Zero


Transaction 1 and 2
3 Angel Soft TP @ $.99 used $.50 coupon, doubled
3 Domino Sugar @ $.89 used $.35 tripled
3 McCormic @ $.99 used $1.00 coupon
Now, these both got messed up. Both times included a manager messing things up and saying I could only triple/double the first...she ended up tripling and doubling everything in the end. But, in both of them, she forgot one sugar coupon. Now, I may return these, I'm not sure, but I figure the Coupon God's keep everything in a sort of balance. Sometimes things work out better in my favor, sometimes the other way around. So... anyway, we shall see :)

Trans 3
Reusable Bag $1 (free with Kroger.com promo from a few weeks ago)
3 Angel Soft used 3 coupons
1 Mccormic Pepper $1.99 used $1 coupon
1 Domino Sugar $.89 used $.35 coupon tripled
Oregano $2.89 (i ran out and needed some!)

I can't find my recipets at the moment, but my OOP was around $5.


Amanda said...

how was you OOP $5? isnt everything free after Qs?
oh and I just noticed a $.50 McCormik Q in the red plum from this week.. doubled for more free seasonings

Nena2007 said...

Well...it should have been, but I had to pay for 2 sugars (which I am going to return) and the oregano.

yeah I saw those too... next time :)

Amanda said...

oh I see, and the pepper too.. but you should only paid $0.99 for that and $2.89 for the oregano. I still dont hate Kroger as much as I hate Target right now!