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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Randalls? Since when do I shop at Randalls?

I had to confess to Amanda yesterday that she is KILLING ME! When she coupons, she shops all the time, almost every day, and I feel this panicked urge to keep up with her. LOL So alas, Ive been "forced" to shop again. LOL
So Randalls... I never shop there, like never never, no reason really, its just not as cheap as other places, although I wish it were. Its so pretty and calming and the people are so nice :) I had a problem with getting this deal to work on the register, but they were really nice and made it work! I think now that I got the wrong kind of Halls. Oh well :)

4 Kraft Dressings 2.00 ea (1.50 q)

4 Halls $1 ea (i think the ones on deal were 1.25, i used $1 q)

1 Fuze Drink 1.25 (.25 q tripled to .75)

3 Cream Cheese .99 ea - I did this to eat up overage

- $5 Mix and Match Deal

Total OOP .51 :)


I did two different stores for walgreens. I had more RRs to burn, I HATE that feeling, that I have to spend money on crap I don't want. But needless to say, here is what went down

Store 1

Skintimate 2.49 ($3 RR)

Peeps .69 (got 2)

Softsoap 3.99 (free after q- BTW this is no longer rolling)

11 One a days 1.49 ea (used 4 $4/2 coupons) Thanks Amanda!!

6 Mentos $1 (used $1 qs)

Chapstick 1.99 ($2 RR)

Paid with $6 RR and .25 OOP, got $3 RR from Skintimate and $2 RR from Chapstick

Store 2

Ramen .29 (as you can see, I was desperate to spend money, lol)

Ramen 6 pack 1.39

4 Mentos

Yoohoo .99

Skintimate 2.49

Chapstick 1.99

Barilla Pasta 2/$3

Paid with $10 RR and .15 OOP, got $5 in RR back


Wall-e $15

Pets N Pals $18.99

Backyardigans $18.99

2 Huggies @ 5.49

4 Cheetos @ 1.29

- 4 $1 Cheetos Target qs

- 2 $5 Huggies IPs

-3 $5 Leapster IPs

- $5/$35 Leapster Target Coupon

Total OOP $36.xx

Monday, March 30, 2009

Wags and CVS

I got some deals yesterday, I need to get some more today to wrap things up, but here is what I have so far.


I recieved coupons for both my cards to get free paper towels, the easter egg things are free after ECBs, and the soaps... the one with the pump is 7.99 - $2q and the refill is 3.99 - $1 q, get $4 ECB and there is a $4 rebate making this a good deal :)


I had a ton of RRs expiring yeseterday, I still have some more that expire in a few days, so I had to get creative. I like to stock up on my kids b-day/christmas presents when I get good deals, so I decided to get this baby/stroller for my DD, it was on clearance for 14.99, since I had RR's to burn, this was perfect!

Skintimate is 2.99 and a $3 RR

Softsoap is 3.99 and a RR prints for a free one, these roll, so get your free one and another prints

Chapstick 1.99 and $2 RR

Mentos $2/2 and there are $1 coupons - Free

Wahl-itin - 6.99 FAR

Milk $2.79- not pictured

2 Sour Patch Kids - one not pictured, thanks to DH :) $1 each

Brush Set 3.99

band-aids 1.79

Little Easter Thing for DD .79

Hunts .99 ea to wrap up March deal

Watermelon- not from Walgreens :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

More Deals :)


Target was NOT my friend today. They decided to limit coupons and such, whatever, I will have to break it up and go back later in the week. But I did end up with some good stuff!
These were broken up into two different stores, but pretty much heres the break down
4 Cheetos @ 1.29 each - 4 $1 coupons = $1.16
4 Huggies Wipes @ 5.99 each - 4 $5 coupons = $3.69
4 Gilette Body Wash @ $2 - 4 $2 coupons = FREE
3 Apple Sauces @ 1.69 each- 3 $1 Target q - 1 - .55 IP = $1.52
2 Steaks at $4.54 and $4.64 - 2 $2 Target qs = $5.18
Total OOP $11.55

Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Deals

This has been a really busy weekend for me, so I am kind of lumping everything from the last few days into one.



I love RX coupons :) I used a coupon from CVS (Kroger takes competitors coupons) and recieved a pharmacy credit of $25 on my Kroger card. My first transaction acutally was negative .85 because I forgot about overage from the Quaker coupon, so i quickly grabbed some candy, I HATE this... its such a habit I have to reach and grab the first thing I see that would eat up overage... I had more grocerys from the second transaction I should have grabbed, but in the middle of it, I freak and just grab. My second trans for $14.xx but that was out of my RX money, so nothing OOP :)

Next, Walgreens

I did another reach deal, but it is already in the garage sale pile :) I also got 5 BIC Soliel razors (only 4 pictured, one got lost in my car for the picture) they were on clearance forWags $3.59, we have $2.00 off coupons from the 3/15 SS (smart source) coupon inserts, AND Wags has the easy saver coupon for $2.00 of each pack, making this a $0.41 MM EACH. I also got a princess plate for DD to eat up overage :)


Today I did the Hunt's Tomato Sauce deal, where I got 11 cans and will be a .42 money maker :) WOO HOO!!


Target was awesome thanks to Amanda, they had these Gilette bodywashes on a side cap (LOL) for $2 and we had $2 coupons, so I got 10 of these (DH already stole one for the shower). And I am still using up my huggies coupons on wipes. The larger bag is $5.99 with a $5 coupon making it .99 and the other two tubs give .61 cents overage, woo hoo! I also forgot to picture applesauce, it is $1.62 and I used $1 target coupon and a .55 printable making it .07 :)


Thursday, March 19, 2009

What to do with the food stockpile?

I am totally copying Amanda here (see her blog on the left) but I think it is good to show some things to do with your deals and stockpiles when regarding food. You can frequently get biscuits for free or close to it, so I always have a crazy amount of them. Here is one recipe that I do often for my kids, and the second is one I copied from Amanda.

Biscuit Pizzas

These are super easy. Just smash out the biscuit to the desired size. Add sauce (I use spaghetti because there is more of it and I can use the rest later, you can use pizza sauce though) then add toppings. I only had cheese tonight, so that went on top. Bake at 350° for about 12 minutes. Sometimes I bake the biscuits for a bit first, then add toppings to make sure it isn't too doughy.

Use plain biscuits for this, don't use butter or flaky. They aren't good that way!



Now, I copied Amanda's recipe for this, but I used scrambled eggs and cheese (I didn't have any breakfast meats) and I put them inside these little biscuit pockets. I plan to make a bunch and freeze them for DH, he can't drink milk in the morning, so these are perfect!



Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well I figured that I should get back on the ball :) I have been couponing, just not blogging, shame on me! Well I am back to share and to track my deals :)

First, let me say that I LOVE GARAGE SALES!! Amanda and I will be having our second garage sale in a few weeks. (April 10th and 11th if you are in the area and interested) We sell off all of our extra stockpile to raise money for whatever. This time it is our trip to.... DISNEY WORLD! We will both be taking our families in September, we are more than excited! So here are some pictures of what I have together so far for my part of the sale. I still have to go through more of the house to get things going!


In the middle of the garage you can see a wooden clothing rack. My wonderfully, awesome husband DAVID made these for me! At the last garage sale we had so many clothes that stacking them on the tables just wasn't going to work, so we fixed that problem!!


Ok, some of my deals that I have done in the last few weeks are included in the above pictures (Garnier for instance, my whole laundry basket full..haha) But in the next few pictures are the diaper/wipes deals I have gotten (around .95 cents a pack after caregiver's rebate...woo hoo) And the dove deals that I have gotten this week. There are others, but they are already put away or mixed in with the garage sale stuff!


Also, I had the great idea to get some meat from Sams Club since its a great deal. What I didn't know is that to get the awesome price of $1.73/lb for 91/9 beef you had to buy 80+ lbs! So Amanda, Amanda's Mom and I decided to split it! We each ended up wtih 26.66 lbs for our families. I foodsaved mine into 1lb packs. hopefully this lasts us a while!!!