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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Walgreens and the .99 Cent Store

Ok, so there weren't many great deals this week so I was going to skip it, but then I realized that I had $8 in RR about to expire, so I wasn't about to let that happen again!!

So here was Wags

2 Loaves of Bread @ $1.99
Lemonade $1.149
Rootbear $.79 (not pictured)
Right Guard $2.99 used $1 q got back $2 RR

Total OOP $.25

The $.99 Store had full size bottles of Bananna Boat for... you guessed it... $.99. Couldn't pass that up! These sell for $6-$10 at other stores. Woo hoo!

15 bottles @ $.99 =

Tinkerbell pens... not from this budget, didn't mean to take a pic :) For DD's birthday party!

I have to give credit to Amanda for this find!

$16.07 OOP

Total OOP for June $112.86

Yes I went over a bit for this month, but as long as I average around $100/mo we will be ok :)

Monday, June 22, 2009


First, Sorry for the lack of actual pictures!

I believe I mentioned that I have been extremely busy the last few weeks, I know I did on my other blog, but I just want to reiterate that.
I went to Kroger a few days ago to get some essentials, bread, eggs, cookies...??? yes, DH things those are essential, LOL. I also found some manager's special Jennie O ground turkey for $1.29/lb, so I got 4 of those. My total was $12.74 I also went to HEB a few days ago for fresh fruit.. my total was $12.39

Last night we went to Walmart to get some much needed groceries. Since DS is now on table food we needed some baby friendly foods for him. We also needed to restock our pantry on some things like black olives, gravy mixes etc. I also got a few things with deals

8 Bottles of A1 sauce @ $2.08/ea used 8 $2 qs
6 Bottles of Kraft BBQ Sauce @ $.98 used $.75 qs
12 Capri Sun Sunrise @ $1.78 used 12 $1 qs, (DD LOVES these!)
We also used a few other coupons but nothing too noteworthy! Sorry for the lack of pictures!! We did get a ton of groceries, so that was good, but OOP was...OUCH


TOTAL OOP for JUNE $96.54, looks like I am just about tapped out!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Ok, my life this past week was insane, we had SO much going on that I hardly had time to breathe! The next weeks aren't too much better but at least I will have time to take short breaks! Read about our fun week here!!

Ok, this week CVS didn't have anything that interested me, so I just headed to wags. I have run into a fellow couponer who doesn't like to share, so I have to head there as soon as the store opens if I want to get anything.
Trans 1
4 Hefty One Zip 22 storage bags (not pictured) $3.29 BOGO used 4 $1 q
3 John Freida @ 3/$15 used 3 $3 q got back $5 RR
10 Right Guard sale @ $.99 used 10 $1 q = $-.10
St Ives $2.99 used $1.50 q got back $2.99 RR
Walgreens Bag .34 (filler)

OOP $.34

Trans 2
3 John Freida @ 3/$15 used 3 $3 q got back $5 RR
Breyers Icecream $3.99 used $1 q
Sunkist Free wyb ice cream
2 Walgreens Bags .34/ea

= $2.63 OOP (OUCH!)

Trans 3
Breyers Icecream $3.99 used $1 q
Sunkist Free wyb ice cream
3 Walgreens Bags .34/ea
St Ives $2.99 used $1.50 q got back $2.99 RR

OOP $.27

Total OOP for June $10.07

This is not including the food I bought for DS's birthday...that came from a seperate budget!

Monday, June 8, 2009


I am a day late posting this... but things are crazy in our house right now. I would assume that this will be the only post for the week. We are right in the nitty gritty of our PRIDE training (to be foster parents, go here to read more about it) and this is the first week of the summer camps that I teach over the next few months. So, crazy time here :)

So anyway...to the deals :)
4 Transactions, 1 store and my favorite CVS cashier :)

Trans 1 Card 1
4 Dove Conditioners @ $4 used 5 $1.50 qs = $12.50 (get back $10 ECB)
1 Fusion Razer $7.99 used $4 q (get back $4 ecb)
2 Fathers Day Cards 1 @ $3.99 1 @ $1.99
ALS Donation $1

Paid with ECB and $.53 on gift card

Trans 2 Card 2
4 Dove Conditioners @ $4 used 5 $1.50 qs = $12.50 (get back $10 ECB)
Venus Razor @ $7.99 used $2 q (got back $4 ECB)
2 2 liters @ $1.50/ea
2 pk flags $2.99
ALS Donation $1

Paid with ECB and $.48 on gift card

Trans 3 Card 3
Fusion Razor @ $7.99 used $4 q (got back $4 ECB)

Paid with ECB and gift card

Trans 4 Card 4
Venus Razor @ $7.99 used $2 q (got back $4 ECB)

Paid with ECB and gift card

While they haven't said anything to me, another cashier told a friend of mine that they aren't taking expired ECBs much longer, I had some to burn so I got a few extra things. Besides, having this extra money is fantastic, it allows me to buy things like gifts, cards etc without paying money out of my pocket. :) Gotta love it!

Total OOP Zero

Oh, and I made a emergency trip to Target for bread and hotdog buns.. LOL it was about $3

Total OOP for June $6.83

Friday, June 5, 2009


Sorry no pic! I ran in late last night to get a gift card.

$25 Chili's GiftCard (for babysitter)
2 Preschool books @ $.75
1 Pop $1.39
paid with $24 in RR and $3.83 in cash

Total OOP $3.83

Cleaning up the Shelves

Ok, it isn't an understatement when I say our house seriously lacks storage! The only closet not in a bedroom is our pantry in the kitchen. Whoever designed this house must not have much stuff. I must say that we have been very VERY blessed with people who have passed on alot of their unneeded things to our foster care efforts. I have been putting things wherever I can, but 2 days ago, someone donated a fantastic dresser so I was able to move some things around. I also did some reorganizing and purging. Here are the befores and afters of the bookshelf and the metal shelves in the closet of the will be foster children's room.

We used this bookshelf in Parker's room holding diapers, wipes and things, and now we needed it for storage. I don't have a before picture of the books as they were all over the house, but now we have a nicely organized bookshelf!



Still lots of junk but there is space to add more things and alot of the trash is gone :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pinecone Surveys

Ever do surveys for money? This is one of the legit companys that is really hard to get into, you have to be invited or go through a limited time link... well here is one :) Have fun and earn some extra money!!

Join Pinecone Survey Panel

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I did a quick trip yesterday :)

1 moniter @ $10 used $10 coupon
1 Ecotrin @ $2 used $2 coupon
Little Dog Toy $1.79
4 Spider Man coloring books @ $.50/ea

Total $4.xx

Paid on gift card got back $12 RR

Monday, June 1, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Happy June, Everyone! I love the month of June. It used to mean getting out of school and summer break. Now it means longer days, more family time, and grilling out! Our move to Texas two years ago left us with extremely hot summers, but we do still enjoy them ... as long as we can safely return to our A/C!
Monday - Hamburgers on the grill, light summery pasta salad (some sort of pasta, Italian dressing and an assortment of veggies) and corn
Tuesday- Tacos (we didn't do these last week!)
Wednesday - Hotdogs on the grill, some fruit in season, chips
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Bbq ribs, on the grill, with potatoes and green beans
Saturday - Peanut Chicken Salad (again, we forgot this last week!)
Sunday - BBQ Chicken
As you can see, some of it is a little vague, I am going to go to the store today to pick up the rest of the items we need, then I can update things like "some fruit in season" LOL