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Monday, November 24, 2008

CVS, Walgreens and Kroger

Ok, so I did my normal grocery shopping and thanksgiving... I didn't get any crazy deals except for free frozen veggies (on sale for $1, .35 q tripled making it free) and the HEB meal deal. My total between Kroger and HEB was 128, I'll add that and my savings below.

I was happy to acutally be albe to get everything that i came for. The last few weeks I've had to get alot of rainchecks :( The paper towel and toothbrushes weren't free (GASP) lol but i payed with ecbs for them...so technically no money out of pocket. Well...thats not entirely true... I LOST MY GIFT CARD :( It only had like $11 on it, but $11 goes a long way with me :( So I had to pay my balance oop :(

Two Identical Transactions
1 Viva Paper Towel 7.49
1 Crest Spin Brush 5.29
1 Mabeline Foundation 8.99
1 Complete Contact Solution 8.99

(Saved 7.70 with sale prices)

- .50 Viva
- $1 Complete
- $3 Mabeliene
- $2 Crest

Paid with ECBs OOP Zero for one and .69 for the other (different amounts of ECBs on each card)

And not pictured.. I went to another store looking for more contact solution (they were out) and got 2 more Mabelienes

8.99- $3 coupon, paid with ECBs and .76 OOP twice

Total OOP 1.52

Ok, so I went crazy at Walgreens. I paid for some stuff I wanted, then got a few extras, I used my rebate giftcard so I still didn't have an out of pocket cost, and one thing I got will give me another $5 rebate.

4 Hershey Candies 4/$10
6 Andes Mints 2.29 each
6 Mac and CHeese 1.50/ea
Gingerbread HOuse Kit 9.99
Breschool book 2.99
8 Sure Deoderant 1.99/ea
2 Package Tapes 2.99 (bogo)

- 8 $1.00 Sure Coupons
- 8 $1.50 Easy Saver Book Coupons (sure) (yes, I made .51 for each one)
- 8 $1.29 Andes IVC coupon (in the walgreens ad)
- 2 $1 Package Tape
- 6 $.81 Kraft Mac and Cheese IVC

Total $29.18, paid with rebate gift card

Total OOP Zero :)

Kroger Total 108.67
Kroger Savings 54.31
Heb Total 20.16
Heb Savings 13.77

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $355.27
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $4036.30
91.91% Savings in total

Monday, November 17, 2008


If you are local to the Houston area, I have to pass along this information! My friend Janae (Confessions of the Stay at home mom) has a husband who is an AMAZING cook!! Right now, just in time for the holidays, he is selling some of his famous tamales! They come in chicken or beef, and they are HUGE and delish!! :) They are $8 for a half dozen or $16 for a full dozen. Yummy yummy... contact Janae at JanaeKrell@gmail.com if you are interested!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Moms, Future Moms, Moms To Be, Grandmas ect

This is a deal that simply can not be passed up!! Thanks to Janae (Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom- Blog) I found out about an awesome deal on Britax Marathon Carseats...these typically retail for $279.99 and are on sale at Target for 59.99 and 42.99. These are the best carseats on the market (in my humble opinion) they have the best safety rating, hence the typical hefty price tag. Anyway, there is also FREE SHIPPING!! Click the links below!!

The Cowmooflage is $59.99 Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat - Cowmooflage : Target
The Granite is $42.99 Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat - Granite : Target

Good luck! Shop soon so that they are still there!!! :)


Veggies Veggies Veggies

Ok, so my Target already had taken a hit on these and didn't have as many as I had coupons for. But, their Del Monte corn, peas and green beans are on sale for .50!! Coupons came out in todays Red Plum for $1/4. So that makes them .25 per each!! YAY! I was able to get 16 and got a raincheck for the rest.

8 Cans of Corn
8 Cans of Peas
-4 $1/4 coupons

Total OOP $4
Saved 14.72 :)

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $224.23
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $3798.73
94.40% Savings in total

Took a break, now I'm back :)

Ok, I decided that I needed a break last week. I have started watching some kids in my home and I've just been really busy! So, last week I took off, now I'm back! Unfortunatly, Wags doesn't seem to have anything for me this week, I'm going to check again to make sure, but I did hit up CVS. They had already been wiped out of the Glade Glass Scents that I wanted... GRRR there are some more local couponers that CLEAN OUT THE STORE! Word to the wise...don't do that, it only pisses people off. If you want more, go to a few stores. If you only have one, ask the manager to order more from you (ahead of time of course)

Also, Amanda and I (Amanda Shops and Saves Blog, listed to the left) had a garage sale this weekend! It went really well, I made $325 selling off my stockpile and some old baby clothes. I am taking that off of my out of pocket since it was more money made :)

Anyway, back to the deals.

Transaction 1

1 Duracell C Battery Pack 9.99
2 Duracell AA Batter Packs 5.99/ea
8 Glade Candles 2.50/ea

- .75 Duracell (3x)
- $1.50/2 Glade (4x)
-$5/30 purchase...about time i got one of these!
Paid balance with ECBs and Gift Card (from rx)

Total OOP Zero

Transaction 2
1 Loreal Age Face Stuff 15.99
2 Revlon Nail 4.99/ea (BOGO Sale)
3 Ressee Peices (I was negative- had to fill it up!)

-2 $2 Revlon
- $1 Loreal
- $2 CVS any face/skin product
- $5/25 Beauty (YAY got this in the mail)

Paid the rest with ECBs got back 15.99 for Loreal

Total OOP Zero! :)

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $220.23
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $3784.01
94.50% Savings in total

Monday, November 10, 2008

I've been so busy!

I haven't had much time to shop!! I even took the week off of CVS, i might hit up Walgreens later in the week. BLAH...busy busy busy.

I did make it to Kroger on Saturday heres what I got... I will post details later. I need to also update my totals :) Photobucket


Total Cost: 37.42 :)
Total saved 175.92 :)

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $545.23
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $3700.40
87.16% Savings in total

Monday, November 3, 2008

Computer Problems

Ok, I have been having some serious computer problems, so I haven't been posting! But I am not ditching my blog, I swear!!! :)

Ok, not too many trips, I was busy this week and didn't get out much. Here is what I did buy...

Ok CVS was NOT my friend this week...grrr.....

First of all, for some reason my total with tax was based BEFORE coupons/ECbs instead of after, I'm not sure why, but it really messed things up and I had to pay alot more than normal :( I also messed up with the gum, I was thinking it was free with coupons instead of after ECBs. GRRR

Transaction 1
10 Icebreakers $1 ea
2 Olay Washes $12
2 Pampers $20

- 6 $1/2 Icebreakers (he scanned one too many)
- 2 $2 Olay
- 2 $1.50 Pampers
Pay with ecbs
Total 5.69 :( Paid with gift card

I could have broken this up if I would have known ahead of time :(

Transaction 2
2 Olay Washes $12
2 Pampers $20

- 2 $2 Olay
- 2 $1.50 Pampers
--24.29 in ECBs
Total .71 tax 1.65 :( Paid with giftcard Got back $10 in ECBs

Total OOP Zero

Glade Wisp 5.99
- $5 Peelie
1.07 on a giftcard get back $2 rebate

Total OOP Zero

Kroger and Walmart
I had gotten some money cards from a friend so I got some awesome deals while grocery shopping. I got the following items for $69 (amanda, I owe you 9.19) , I used some coupons at Walmart, but the really good deals were the Celestial Tea ($1- $1 coupon at Kroger = Free) And the Sizzle and Serve that was $1 with a .35 coupon that tripled. I also found 3 more $1 Steamer Veggies that make them .22 each. All in all, good trip!!

Total OOP $69.19

I also made another trip the next day which leaves me with 9.53 oop

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $507.81
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $3561.90
87.52% Savings in total