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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Break

Well I guess you could call it a little break, I didn't hit up Wags and CVS on Sunday, I was SOOOO tired! Amanda and I had a garage sale this weekend to sell lots of our baby items, household items and extra stockpile items. Here are some pictures of Day 2. Day 1 was SOOO busy all day that we didn't have time to take pictures. We had a line of about 6-7 people waiting to check out for the first 2 or so hours, we also had about 7 people waiting for us to open at 7am! We each made a pretty penny so it was well worth it! DH also made us the clothing rack! Thanks babe :) We pulled out some more items from our houses for Saturday because we decided that we could part with more. I just wish I took pictures before Friday, it was insane :)

This is Amanda :)

Some tables before we pulled them out

A SMALL portion of the stockpile items we sold!

Early Saturday morning before we pulled the tables out! Thats my DH :)
I did get some deals at Walmart though, I also plan to do some shopping either tonight or tomorrow. But here is what Walmart looked like!

Travel Kids colgate 4 @ $0.50 = $2.00 used 9 $.50 Qs = $Free
Kotex lightdays 8 @$1.00 used 8 $1 Qs = $FreeS
Olay BarSoap 2pks 10 @ $2.48 = $24.80 used 10 $2 Q = $4.80
Mac Cheese crackers 4 @ $1.00 = $4 used 2 $1/2 = $2.00
No Nonsense hose 4 @ $1 = $4.00 used 4 $1 Q = $Free
Mayo price matched at Fiesta 2 @ 1.69 = $3.38 used $1/2 Q = $3.38

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Amanda said...

hey I found this "rebate" form for the mac and cheese crackers. I am sending off for it, It only for the cheddar flavor, I hope to get back $2 since I bought 2 of that flavor, but even if I just get $1 back thats cool, $2/6 boxes better deal!