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Monday, April 27, 2009

Room number TWO!

Ok, first, I should have said that I got this idea from my fab cousin Michelle at SavingSomeGreen, I totally copied her (Thanks for the idea!!) So here we go..

This is my son's room (like the decor doesn't give it away) and despite his lack of ability to make a mess in here, we have one!

Our biggest task? Sorting out all of the clothes that are too small or too warm for our steamy Texas Spring. This was heartbreaking. Here I am trying to make deals and I am pulling out clothes that have never been worn! I also pulled out the bumper a few days before and it was time to remove the mobile (since he pulled it down!) we also sold our glider at the garage sale so we pulled the crib over to center it on the wall, then had to move the pictures.

Without further rambling...here we are!



1 comment:

SavingSomeGreen said...

Good job! His room is super cute :).