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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Trips

Well here are my trips from this weekend. I am a little dissapointed because I goofed up my math on one of my Wags trips making my oop high :( Totally my fault.

6 Trial Sized All $1 ea
Candle 5.99
4 Glade Plugins 3.94 ea
- 6 $1 All qs
- 2 BOGO Glade
- 2 Free Glade (peelies found at Wags, YAY!)

Total OOP $6.48

TP $4
Crest 4.49
2 Sierra Mist 1.25 ea
- $10 RR

Total OOP .49 ended with 4.49 crest Register Reward

Trans 1
4 Febreeze Air Sprays 2.49 ea
1 Energy Shot 3.99 (FAR Item)
5 Soft Soap Body Wash 3.49 ea
Fusion Razer 8.99
Oral B Toothbrush 4.49
Loreal Cleanser 6.99 (FAR Item)

-4 $1 Febreeze Spray
-$1 Soft Soap
- $5 ($1 ea) Soft Soap Scanned Easy Saver Book coupon
- .75 Oral B Toothbrush q
- $4 Fusion Razer
- $1 Loreal

Total OOP 8.77 (this was my mistake.. I had counted the $5 for soft soap twice :(.. so sad) Got 23.49 in RRs ($4 Gillette, $5 Febreeze, $4.49 Oral B, $10 Softsoap)

Trans 2
2 Febreeze Noticables 6.99
Febreeze Candle 6.99
Febreeze Air Spray 2.49
Rimmel Foundation 7.99 (FAR Item)
2 Pencil fillers .20 ea
Lypsyl Chapstick 2.99 (FAR Item)

-2.49 air spray (buy candle get air spray)
- $1 Candle
- 2 $5 Noticables
- $1 Rimmel
-18.49 RR (from previous transaction)

Total OOP 1.46 ended with $5 Febreeze RR


CVS wasn't all that great this week! BUMMER!

Trans 1
Snickers $2
Gillette Fusion 9.99
2 Covergirl 5.49 ea
10 Shick Razors .99 ea

- 5 $2 Schick, adjusted last to 1.90
- $4 Gillette
- $1 Cover Girl
- Bogo Covergirl
- $3/15
$8 ECB
Total 1.60 paid with gift card

Total OOP $0 Got $5 Fusion ECB, $5.49 Covergirl ECB

Trans 2

Fusion Razor 9.99
2 Covergirl foundation 5.49/ea
1 Kitkat $2
1 Reeze $2

- $1 Covergirl
- BOGO covergirl
- $4 Fusion Razor

$10 ECB

Total OOP $0 Paid with gift card

I also grabbed a few grocerys which I just added into the total.

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $329.71
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $1969.68
85.9% Savings in total

Friday, September 26, 2008

Double Dip Days at Walgreens

Wow, Im starting to feel like a Wags girl... I used to be CVS all the way. I feel like I am cheating. LOL

What is double dipping? For two days each month Walgreen's Easy Saver books overlap. You can use a coupon from one book with a rebate from the other, or try to use two coupons on the same item from each book... this is a little tricky and sometimes they won't let you.

Anyway, got some great deals today and last night when Amanda and I went out cruising the stores. Some is from lastnight (me rolling $5 Reach RR's for for $10 Robitussin ones) and then the rest is from today.

Trans 1 and 2- last night
3 Robitussin $15
Tumber cup.13 (filler)
-3 $3 Robitussin q
-$5 Reach

Trans 1 today
1 Large Space Vaccume Bag 5.99 (Free After Rebate-FAR)
1 Jumbo Space Vaccume Bag 9.99 (FAR)
4 Glade Oil Warmers 5.79 ea
2 Pert Plus Shampoo 3.49

Total before qs: 46.12

- 2 $2 pert qs
- 4 $2 Glade q
-4 $2 Glade Easy Saver Book Coupon (septembers book)
- 2 $2.50 Pert Easy Saver Book (October)
- $5/$20 purchase for just these two days
- $10 Robitussin RR

Total OOP $7.45. Yes this is high, but there are $27.77 worth of rebates in this transaction alone.

Trans #2
Ky Yours and Mine 19.99 ea
Lighted Skull 7.99
3 Garnier Frutice Shampoo/Conditioner 6.99 ea

Total Before Coupons: 48.95
- $5 Ky q
- $5 Easy Saver Q (September)
- $5 Easy Saver Q (October)
- $2 Garnier q
- 2 $1 Garnier q
- $10 RR

Total OOP 7.27 Again high, but there is $14 in rebates here and the Ky is never this cheap!

I was all set to be done, then Amanda called and told me that one of the other Walgreens had the mouthwash that I have been looking for! So it was out again!

3 KY yours and mine 19.99 ea
Crest Pro Health mouthwash 4.49
Cup .14
3 Pert Plus 3.40

Total before qs:

-3 $2 Pert
-3 $5 KY
- $15 KY september easy saver book
- $15 KY October easy saver book
- .75 crest
- $10 RR Robitussin
-$5 Reach RR

Total OOP 1.97 and got $4.50 RR back from Crest. Thats more like it! :)

Then two transactions of just crest.

Crest 4.49

-.75 q

Total oop 3.75 get 4.50 RR


Little trip to Target... Amanda let me on to the All deal, I have more qs, so I will go back to get more.

Kids Crest1.97
All 1.00
Powerade .89

-.75 any Crest
-.75 Powerade (thanks Amanda!)
-$1 All

Total OOPl 1.39 (i acutally paid for toothpaste, but it is hard to get the kids kind for free!)

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $300.10
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $1751.23
85.37% Savings in total

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Walgreens?!?!

Ok, you probably are thinking that I am totally obsessive! But, I swear if you follow the next weeks won't be so insane! I just can't resist when people are paying me to haul their stuff out of the store :)

So these are my last few purchases from Wags!

These were done in 4 transactions.

Trans #1
TP $4
Calculators $2
2 @ Reach 2.50 ea
-.50 tp q
- $10 RR

Total OOP .54 got $5 RR

Trans #2
Water Filter 6.99 (FAR item)
2 Reach at 2.50
-$10 Robitussin RR

Total OOP 2.15 Got $5 RR

Trans #3
Tumbler .14
3 Robitussin $5ea
- 3 $3 robitussin q
- $5 Reach RR

Total OOP 1.14

Trans #4
Disney Princess Cup 3.99
2 Reach Floss 2.50ea
Care Bear book 1.19
- $10 Robitussin RR

Total oop .19 and got $5 Reach RR

Today's Walgreens Trip


Trans #1

Baby Hammer 6.99
2 Reach 2.50 ea
- $10 RR

Total OOP 2.15 got $5 RR

Trans #2
Barbie 3.99
2 Reach 2.50 ea
Mike n Ike $1
Chocolate .59

-$10 RR

Total OOP .63 got $5 RR

Although my OOP was low, I was mad that I had to grab $1.59 in candy because I thought the Barbie cost 5.99. GRRRR.... What a waste of free money! LOL

Trans #3 and #4
3 Robitussin $5
Pencil .20
-3 $3 off robitussin q
-$5 Reach RR

Total OOP 1.20 got $10 RR

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $272.25
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $1562.99
85.17% Savings in total

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Shopping

Well, I got some more shopping done today around DD's dance class. I had to go to 2 different Walgreens to find what I was looking for. I also made a trip to Target, then to Kroger after the kids were in bed. What a long day!


Trans #1
Linkadoos 4.99
2 Reach Floss 2.50ea (normally 2.99)
Hannah Montana Pen .49 (filler) ($2.00)

Total before tax: 10.48
- $10 RR

Total OOP .52 (.48 plus tax) got $5 reach rr

Trans #2

3 Robitussin $5ea (normally 5.99)

Highlighter .24 (norm .33)

Total: 15.24

-3 $3 Rob qs

-$5 Reach RR

Total OOP: 1.25 Got $10 Robitussin RR

Trans #3

Loreal Concentrate 16.49 (FAR- free after rebate)

2 Reach Floss 2.50ea

Princess Plate @1

Skittles .69

Total: 23.18

-$3 Loreal

- $20 RR from Robitussin

Total OOP .19 Got $5 Reach RR



I just took a picture of everything, although some wont be incuded in the totals.

4 cans formula 11.89ea

3 buddy bars .94 ea

2 hotdog/hambuger buns .99 ea

2 frozen pizzas (not pictured) 4.67 ea

Total: $66.79

- $3 Buddies q

Total OOP: 63.79

Man! Formula is a killer!!!


I didn't have much time last night as HEROS was coming on, but I wanted to grab some things.


30 Cans of soup- .60 ea (normally .75)

10 bottles Suave .88 (usually 1.09)

2 Cottonelle 1.19

Oscar Meyer Bacon 5.99 BOGO

2 2 liters of pop $1 ea (usually 1.59)

Tortillas 1.79

6 packs of gun at .50 ea (normally .71)

Frozen veggies $1 ea

Tomatoes 1 lb 1.95

Total: 51.55

- kroger savings and double coupons

- 6 .55 trident qs

- 2 .50 cottonelle doubled

- 7 .40/4 campbells

- .50 off suave

- 3 $2/3 suave

Total OOP: 25.27

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $263.05

Total Saved since Sept 1st: $1446.86

84.62% Savings in total

Sunday, September 21, 2008

CVS and Wags

Alright, here is my weekly CVS trip. I burned up some ECBs, but it is nearly impossible to get diapers for free and it isn't like we aren't going to need them :) So it is fine by me!


My Card
Trans 1
8 soy joy 1.29ea
Huggies Diapers 17.99
2 Huggies wipes 3.49ea
Cottonelle 6.49
Nivea for Men 4.99

Total: 50.09
Sales: soyjoy 10/$5, Diapers $15, Wipes 2.99

- $1.50 huggies q
-2 .50 wipes q
-$1 Nivea q
- 1 $3/10 bars soy joy
-4 BOGO soyjoy
-.50 Cottonelle
-$2/10 CVS coupon

Total 1.70 after $25 ECBs, paid with gift card,

( i had 10 but one q didn't scan so she took them off for me. but she kept my $3/10 q so this is slightly off)


My Card
Trans #2
2 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste 3.89 ea
1 Loreal Reviatlist 16.69
1 Adidas Deodorant 4.99
1 Halloween Pez 1.49
Total: 27.06
Sales, Crest 2.99, Loreal 11.99

-$3 Loreal
-$1 Adidas
-$.75 crest (2)

Total $0, paid with 18.98 ECBs

Dave's card was the same, repeating the deals without the soyjoy.

My Card now has 19.98 in ECBS (had 28.99) Dave's has $13 (had 15.99 and a $4/20)


Trans #1
Basketball Board Book 1.89
2 Reach Floss 2.50 (normally 2.99)
Strobe Light 9.99
Skull Lights 4.99 (halloween bogo1/2)
Used $20 in Robitussin RRs

Total OOP 2.02 Got $5 rr

Trans #2
3 Robitussin $5 ea (normally $5.99)
Milk Duds $1 (filler)
-3 $3 qs
- $5 RR from Reach

Total OOP 2.86 Got $10 RR

Trans #3
2 Tombstones $10
2 Reach Toothbrushes 2.99 ea (NOTE only the ones pictured work!! I made this mistake)
- 2 $1 IVC coupon
- $10 RR from Robitussin

Total 5.13 got $5 RR

And while Halloween Decorations don't count as food or HBA I will count them anyway.

Also, my inlaws gave us some food so I have added that into the savings total.

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $172.03
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $1344.99
88.66% Savings in total

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I have the BEST friend ever!!

Who? Amanda :) Talk about a giving person! She came across some extra grocery money and decided to share her blessing with us! We lost all of our food in the hurricane, so she was so kind to help us bouce back! These are the things she gave us !

Amanda's House (but foods from Walmart, lol)
3 Packs of Oscar Meyer Lunchmeat 2.50ea
2 Packs of Borden Cheese Slices 2.50ea
1 block of cheddar cheese 4.78
Kraft Mayo (I just lost a BRAND new one of these, so I was very excited) 2.50
Peter Pan Peanut Butter 2.40
4 1/2 lbs Lean Ground Beef 8.37 ea
3 Lbs Chicken Breasts 9.97
Oscar Meyer Hotdogs 2.50
Smuckers Squeezable Jelly 1.38
Jimmy Dean Sausage 2.50
2.5 lb Pork Chops 5.50
OOP: $0

Amanda also let me on to a popice deal at CVS.
5 @ 3.74 (clearance normally 14.99)
4 Almay Soaps @ .99
Total: 22.66
4 Almay qs- 3.96
Subtotal 18.70 paid with $15 ecbs and 1.87 on gift card

OOP: 0 and got $25 in ECBs!!!

Only four are pictured because I gave 1 to Amanda :)

1 Lysol Nutrair $6
8 Febreeze Noticeables $5.97
Total $58.20
- 1 $5 Lysol q
-8 $5 Febreeze q
Total oop: 9.48

I did also find some fun things at Marshalls and Target, we got a bunch of Halloween stuff there. Nothing for the food/hba catagory, but Dave is gearing up for October! :)


Total Spent since Sept 1st: $162.02
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $1034.32
86.46% Savings in total

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back in the swing of things...

Alright, I had some good trips yesterday.

While I did get other things, tools, shelves, some clothes, they won't be included in the total.

9 Johnsons Buddies .99
-3 $3/3 qs
Total: 8.91
Total -.08 (they don't give cash back, it just went off of the other things I bought)

8 Febreeze Noticables 5.97 ea
1 Febreeze Candle 5.97
1 Febreeze Air Spray 2.50
1 baby toy 2.50
1 baby toy 2.50
2 Cans enfamil 4.32 ea
6 johnson's buddies .97/ea

Total: 81.93

-2 $3/3 johnsons
-8 $5 Febreeze
- 2.50 (free air effects with purchase of candle)
- $10 Enfamil Checks

Total OOP: 19.22

9 Almay Soaps .99
2 Excederine 5.39
1 Mike and Ike .35
Aleve 5.99

Total: 26.03

-9 .99 Almay q
-3.40 for Excederine Raincheck at 1.99
-$1 Aleve
- $2/10 CVS q
-$7 ecb

Total .34 paid with giftcard and got back 10.98 in ecb :)

Total OOP: Zero

Bluebell Ice Cream 5.99
Barbie 5.99
Glade Candle 1.99
Photos 6.42
Pumpkin Jar 4.00
Total: 24.39
-2.66 bluebell sale
-$1 Glade
-$20 RR

Total oop .74

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $152.54
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $840.91
81.62% Savings in total

I had forgotten to add some previous sale stuff, so i just added the difference all in these totals for simplicity.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back Home

Well we finally have power! That is fantastic news. We did, however, loose all of the food in our refrigerator despite our desperate attempts to keep them cool :( What a waste of money!! I had several pounds of ground beef, chicken, steaks, a huge thing of beef brisket not to mention frozen veggies, condiments, lunch meat, fresh fruit and veggies etc. Very sad day here!

I did do some shopping now that we are home. I had two trips that look like this.

Ghost Candle Holder 1.99
Strobe Light with Sound (Halloween) 9.99
Glade Candle 1.99
Spider Web 1.99
Nivea Mens Body Wash 4.99
Twizzlers .40
Reese Stick .75
Total: $22.10
-$1 Nivea
-$1 Glade
-2 $10 RR
Total OOP with tax: $.11

Will receive $1 for the Glade and $4.99 for the Nivea in Rebates, so profit of $5.88. I will add the rebates when they come though.

Because of the storm, I was also able to do two more sets of Robitussin even though the deal is over.

Total oop 5.94 got $20 in RR

My second trip was to Walmart. Also pictured is part of a trade I did.

I was thinking of whether or not to include my kids Christmas presents. I decided I will, so those are included too. This wasn't a great trip, but I got some things we needed.

Foam Mattress Thing $20.22
Huggies Wipes 2.36
Huggies Body Wash 2.77
Clean Team Wipes 2.38
Tshirt 4.50
Baby onsie 3.50
baby shirt 3.50
Dora Camera $9 (clearance)
Keyboard $10
Total 58.23
-.50 huggies q
-$2 Huggies bath when you buy wipes
Total OOP with Tax 60.33

However, for this we are going to call it $26.00 as I don't want to include clothing or the mattress cover in my yearly budget for food and hba.

Also, my friend Amanda, whos blog is posted to the left, and I did a trade. Just Bunches Cereal and Franks Red Hot (from me) for her 2 $5 Enfamil checks. She also gave me 2 gallons of milk!!!

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $132.66
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $605.07
78.07% Savings in total

Monday, September 15, 2008

Life after Ike

Hurricane Ike has left me and my family without power. We are closing on day 3. It makes things very difficult with a new baby and a 3 year old. We are staying with family now so can post, but that is where we have been!

However, I did get to do some shopping today and I was very excited as stores near us are still closed!

No pictures, I don't have any way to take them. But here is a run down.


3 Robitussin- the sale to go with the RR deal is over, but due to the storm, they allowed me to get the sale price.

3 @ 3.99
- 3 $3 q
2.97 and $10 in RR

2 Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste 2.99
2 Glade Candles 1.99
Total: 9.96
-2 $1 Colgate q
-2 $2 store Colgate qs
Total: $4.29
$1 rebate for both candles so $2.29

OOP: $7.26 get back $10 RR and will get $2 in rebates

Toothpaste is as follows
2.99-1-2=.01 MM (money maker) yay!

The Glade can be free also. There were coupons in Sundays paper, I now have one set from my MIL, but we didn't get papers due to the hurricane. There is a $1 off in the Smart Source that makes this free :) I love these candles so got them anyway

Aleve 3.99
6 Dawn Soap 2.39
2 Butterfinger Crisps 2/1.50
Total: $19.83
Raincheck for dawn to $.99
-6 $.99 qs for Dawn
-$1 Aleve
Total $4.49
pay with $4 ECB and .49 gift card

OOP $0 get back $3 ECBs

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $98.59
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $536.63
84.47% Savings in total

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ok I lied...one more

The sale for the Robitussin ends tomorrow. The RR deal is through Oct 31st but they will be back to full price on Sunday. Since all the stores will be closed tomorrow, I figured I should go one last time!


Tras 1 and 2
3 Robitussin
-3 $3 off q

I also purchased 2 more FAR (free after rebate) items
Walgreens Acid Controler 7.99
Excederine 3.99
used $10 RR
paid 1.98

Total OOP 7.92
Got back $20 in RR and will get $11.98 in rebatets plus 10%

Now, I may seem wasteful or greedy, but have no fear! Almost all of the Robitussin (that my family and friends don't need) will be donated :)

Then I went to CVS
I wanted to exchange some nail polish that I had, but it was SO crazy there with people getting stuff for Ike. So I decided to do that later. Here was what I did get though

7 bottles Dawn Hand Renewal- Raincheck for .99- regular 2.39
.75 clearance bubbles
.75 lacross kit
.59 curved ball kit

Total: 18.22
7 Dawn $1 off coupons

Total: 2.43 paid with CVS gift card. OOP $0

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $91.30
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $490.72
84.61% Savings in total

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last trip before Ike?

Did one more Robitussin deal today. It ends on Saturday so I want to go as much as I can before Ike hits.

Did 3 transactions

Spent $8.91

RR back $30 :) All RRs will be counted when they are spent :)

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $83.38

Total Saved since Sept 1st: $439.08

Another day, another dollar....

Made a trip to Wags today. I figured with Hurrican Ike coming our way, I may not be able to again. It went well ran into one of my cheer parents and my neighbor :)

I wanted to use some of my RRs from the Robitussin deal. My trip went like this...

Trans 1
Hanging Halloween Creepy Thing for Dave 29.99
Princess Dress Up Kit 6.99
Play Toaster 6.99
My Little Pony Set 0 (buy 2 get one free)
Chemisty Hair Care 7.99 (free after rebate)
Crest Pro Health 3.79 (free after rebate)
Lympstr Chapstick 1.99 (free after rebate)
Revlon Nail Polish 4.49 (free after rebate) -$2 coupon
2 chapstick .99 and 1.79
Highlighter .25

- wags sales 3.24
- Revlon coupon $2
- 6 $10 RR deals
-$3/10 for new store

Total oop: .03 :)
And I will get $18.26 back for the rebate items +10%)


Trans #2
3 Robitussin
1 masque 2.50 (filler to help out the cosmetic girl)
-3 $3 qs
-$3/10 for new store

Total oop: $2.43
AND got $10 more towards next purchase

So over all I spent 2.46 got $10 RR and will get 20 something back in rebates :) So I made almost $30 :)

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $74.47
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $412.08

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One more trip

After thinking about it, I really wanted to maximize on this deal. So I went back to Wags. I also got some free Oust :)


4 trans- 2 just 3 Robitussin, 2 of 3 Robitussin and 4 oust.

4 Oust @ 2.99
2 BOGO qs
2 $2/2 qs
$1 IVC (their store q, but it has to be scanned) -$4 (for each)

My totals were different, one was $2.95 one was .78. No idea what happened there!!! Oh and I got Dave a $1 candy bar.

Total OOP: $10.75
RR to use on future purcahses: $40

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $72.01
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $331.95

Deals and Steals


I am still learning how to shop at Walgreens, I don't do it as often as CVS but the deals are making me learn fast!!

Today I purchased 12 bottles of Robitussin and 2 bottles of visine. I would have bought more visine since it was a .50 money maker, but I only had 2 coupons. They also gave me a free pack of cards! :)


4 Transactions

3 bottles Robitussin @ 3.99 ea
- 3 $3 off qs
Total $2.97
Recieve: $10 in RR (register rewards....money off of your next purchase)

Total OOP: 10.86
RRs to use on next purchases $40
29.14 profit :)

I will count my RRs when I use them. Walgreens has a rebate program where certain items qualify for a mail in rebate. Now I can use this money to pay upfront, and make more money in the long run. They have items with a full rebate that you can use coupons on to make money. Also, if you chose to have your rebate on a gift card other than a check, you recieve a 10% bonus!


I went to walmart to look for more of the All You magazine from August that had such great qs in it, but they were gone :( But I still did a few great deals!!


8 Clean and Clear Trail Face Wash @.97 use $1q, make .03
5 Dove Trail Shampoo @ .97 use $2 off make 1.03
2 Enfamil @ 4.32 with 2 $5 off checks
1 clear tub 2.50
Banannas .63
Infant Toy 4.96

Total 30.36
-28.00 in qs
OOP: 2.36

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $61.34
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $264.04

Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Things First

I wanted to start a blog to start tracking my savings. I want to know about what budget I can realistically set for myself, both for food/hba products and for clothing ect. While I am going to list some deals that I got before this month, my tracking is going to start as of September 1st, 2008.

So far this month, I have made 3 shopping trips. One each at CVS, Kroger, and Target.

Last week, Target had a special, purchase 4 Kellogs products, receive a $5 gift card. My transaction was as follows.

12 boxes of Poptarts
-6 $1/2 coupons (q)
-12 .50 off target qs
Total $15 receive $15 gift card.

I did this transaction twice totaling 24 boxes, the second time using the $15 in gift cards. I could have done less out of pocket to start, but I want to use a $10 mail in rebate. Therefore, in the end, I spent $5 out of pocket and received $15 in gift cards, making this a $10 profit.


Why so many poptarts? First of all, if you are being paid to take stuff out of the store, why wouldn’t you take it? Secondly, my husband and daughter love poptarts J There is no way we will eat all of these before they expire, so we have shared some with neighbors and plan to use some as trades for other products and coupons.

CVS this week was very eventful! CVS has an extra care bucks program (ECB). Certain items every week and month have ECBs offered on them. I have two cards, one each for Dave and I. Here was my transaction this week.

Nena’s Card
Start with 9.99 in ECBs

Transaction 1
2 Chex Mix @ $1 ea
Loreal Product $5.99
2 Right Guard Deoderant @ 2.99 ea
Bubble Toy .75 (75% clearance filler)

subtotal: 14.72
2 $1 off chex coupon
2 $1 off Rightguard
$1 off Loreal
5.99 ECB
4.00 ECB

Total OOP: $0
ECB earned: $4 (rightguard) $5.99 (Loreal) $9.99

Trans 2
3 Revlon Nail Polish @ $3.99 ea
3 Right Guard Deodorant @ 2.99
1.75 Tennis game (75% clearance filler)

subtotal: 22.69
3 $2 off Revlon coupon
$2 Revlon CRT (store printed coupon)
3 $1 Righguard coupon
$2/10 CVS coupon (sometimes emailed)
$9.99 in ECBs from previous order

Total OOP” $0
ECBs earned $9 (Revlon) $6 (Rightguard)

End with $15 in ECBs no OOP (out of pocket)

Dave’s Card
Start with 12.99 in ECBs

Trans 1
1 Rightguard Deodorant
1 soft and dri Deodorant (same as rightguard deal)
3 Revlon Nail Polish
1 Loreal Product

- $1 Loreal
- $1 Rightguard
- $.75 soft and dri
- $6 Revlon (3 @ $2)
- $2/10 CVS coupon
- 12.99 ECBs
Total $.20 Paid with CVS gift card (I received a gift card after calling CVS customer service after being wrongly treated, the problem was corrected and I got a gift card J )

ECBs Earned- 5.99 Loreal $2 Rightguard $9 Revlon

Trans 2
3 Soft and Dri Deodorant

- 3 .75 coupons
- $5.99 ECB

Total: $.73 on the gift card

ECBs Earned $9 Soft and Dri

End with $18 in ECBs no OOP (out of pocket)

They were out of the Excederine that was on sale for $1.99 (I have $2 off coupons) so I got a raincheck.

Total Spent at CVS $0, Amount saved (based on prices of items while on sale): $84.09



This trip wasn’t as good as most. Dave picked out two recipies in which the ingredients ended up being very expensive having to buy oils and seasonings that we didn’t have. However, the trip turned out pretty good.

Total before coupons: 85.07 (this is after all of the Kroger sales)
Amount of coupons $36.95
Total paid $48.12

I got a great deal with coupons for the All You magazine, this is the first time I have got these and I need to get more!!

Several buy 3 Kraft products receive ____ Kraft product free. Koolaid is Kraft. So here are the items I got for free buy using these coupons and purchasing $6 in koolaid J


Some other recent frees (all within the last 2 weeks or so):

$10 Covergirl Outlast Lipstick BOGO at CVS use BOGO q is FREE (got 30 of these)
$2 Just Bunches honey bunches of oats using $2 q is FREE
$1 Malt O Meal with $1 off MOM is FREE
$1 Frenches Mustard $.50 q doubled FREE
$1 Lawrys Marinade $.50 w doubled FREE
$1 Kotex Pantyliners using $1 off Kotex FREE
$3.72 Glade Plug using $4 off .28 CENT MONEY MAKER

Just matching sales and coupons… oh and not to mention ALL of the help I get from http://www.hotcouponworld.com/ :)

Here are some pics of my "stockpile" I have been doing this for about 2 1/2 months with the first few weeks of trying to learn the ropes. Everything pictured was either rediciously cheap or free, or better yet... I made money by buying it :)









Total Spent: $48.12
Total Saved: $190.04