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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Walmart Trip

Ok, first, word to the wise as far as couponing at Walmart. They are less picky than other stores about coupon usage, there isn't a limit on how many identical coupons you can use, however, the machine tends to freak out when you go over 40 coupons or $40 in coupons. - Speaking of, when i first started couponing and read that, I was like "how on earth could you have that many coupons" LOL

Anyway....I made it freak today. LOL I didn't even think about it when I was going up there, I should have broken up my transactions. (I had 44 coupons equaling to $41.90)
Oh, and at my Walmart the Aveeno was $4something, so I didn't get it. Maybe there is a smaller bottle at some stores, but I was bummed :(

5 Dunckin Hines cake mix $.97 used 5 $.35 coupons (also sending in a $5 rebate)
2 Wheat Thin Artisian Crackers @ $2/ea used $1 q and BOGO q making it $1/2
Shredded Cheese $1.62
15 Meow Mix cat treats @ $.97 used 15 $1 coupons for $.45 MM
Bread $1.78
Celery $1.28
Bananas $.71
California Pizza Kitchen Pizza $5.75 used $2 ip coupon
Digorino Pizza $5.25 used $1.25 IP
2 2liters of pop, $1.50 and $1.26 used 2 $1 coupon (buy pizza get $1 off pop- hangtag)
3 Diego Bandaids $1.18 I forgot to use my coupons! GRRRR these are going back
2 Mustard- On the shelf this said .97, it rang up $1.94, I will be returning these along with the bandaids
5 Huggies Wipes $.97 used $1 coupon $.15 MM
Ricotta Cheese $1.78
10 Kotex @ $1 used 10 $1 coupons = Free
Cresant rolls $1.24 (I NEED these, I can't believe I paid for them! grrrr)
Pizza Crust $1.94 used $.40 coupon

Total: $30.83, after I do my return the total OOP will be $22.73

My OOP could have definatly been lower, but there were items I needed/wanted (you hardly see hard core couponers buying frozen pizzas, LOL) but there are some things I will pay for.

Acutally, here is a little tangent for you, you will see some couponers who won't pay for certain things and others will. I, for one, will always pay extra for chicken breasts, deboned and deskinned. Other couponers wouldn't even dream of not buying the whole chicken and breaking it up. I can't (and won't) do that. I also don't buy crappy meat...can't do it. That is why I bought my high grade meat from Sams in bulk. There are probably some things that I won't pay for that others would. But the value of a dollar means different things to different people. Ok, rambling done :)


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