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Monday, September 15, 2008

Life after Ike

Hurricane Ike has left me and my family without power. We are closing on day 3. It makes things very difficult with a new baby and a 3 year old. We are staying with family now so can post, but that is where we have been!

However, I did get to do some shopping today and I was very excited as stores near us are still closed!

No pictures, I don't have any way to take them. But here is a run down.


3 Robitussin- the sale to go with the RR deal is over, but due to the storm, they allowed me to get the sale price.

3 @ 3.99
- 3 $3 q
2.97 and $10 in RR

2 Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste 2.99
2 Glade Candles 1.99
Total: 9.96
-2 $1 Colgate q
-2 $2 store Colgate qs
Total: $4.29
$1 rebate for both candles so $2.29

OOP: $7.26 get back $10 RR and will get $2 in rebates

Toothpaste is as follows
2.99-1-2=.01 MM (money maker) yay!

The Glade can be free also. There were coupons in Sundays paper, I now have one set from my MIL, but we didn't get papers due to the hurricane. There is a $1 off in the Smart Source that makes this free :) I love these candles so got them anyway

Aleve 3.99
6 Dawn Soap 2.39
2 Butterfinger Crisps 2/1.50
Total: $19.83
Raincheck for dawn to $.99
-6 $.99 qs for Dawn
-$1 Aleve
Total $4.49
pay with $4 ECB and .49 gift card

OOP $0 get back $3 ECBs

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $98.59
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $536.63
84.47% Savings in total

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