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Friday, September 26, 2008

Double Dip Days at Walgreens

Wow, Im starting to feel like a Wags girl... I used to be CVS all the way. I feel like I am cheating. LOL

What is double dipping? For two days each month Walgreen's Easy Saver books overlap. You can use a coupon from one book with a rebate from the other, or try to use two coupons on the same item from each book... this is a little tricky and sometimes they won't let you.

Anyway, got some great deals today and last night when Amanda and I went out cruising the stores. Some is from lastnight (me rolling $5 Reach RR's for for $10 Robitussin ones) and then the rest is from today.

Trans 1 and 2- last night
3 Robitussin $15
Tumber cup.13 (filler)
-3 $3 Robitussin q
-$5 Reach

Trans 1 today
1 Large Space Vaccume Bag 5.99 (Free After Rebate-FAR)
1 Jumbo Space Vaccume Bag 9.99 (FAR)
4 Glade Oil Warmers 5.79 ea
2 Pert Plus Shampoo 3.49

Total before qs: 46.12

- 2 $2 pert qs
- 4 $2 Glade q
-4 $2 Glade Easy Saver Book Coupon (septembers book)
- 2 $2.50 Pert Easy Saver Book (October)
- $5/$20 purchase for just these two days
- $10 Robitussin RR

Total OOP $7.45. Yes this is high, but there are $27.77 worth of rebates in this transaction alone.

Trans #2
Ky Yours and Mine 19.99 ea
Lighted Skull 7.99
3 Garnier Frutice Shampoo/Conditioner 6.99 ea

Total Before Coupons: 48.95
- $5 Ky q
- $5 Easy Saver Q (September)
- $5 Easy Saver Q (October)
- $2 Garnier q
- 2 $1 Garnier q
- $10 RR

Total OOP 7.27 Again high, but there is $14 in rebates here and the Ky is never this cheap!

I was all set to be done, then Amanda called and told me that one of the other Walgreens had the mouthwash that I have been looking for! So it was out again!

3 KY yours and mine 19.99 ea
Crest Pro Health mouthwash 4.49
Cup .14
3 Pert Plus 3.40

Total before qs:

-3 $2 Pert
-3 $5 KY
- $15 KY september easy saver book
- $15 KY October easy saver book
- .75 crest
- $10 RR Robitussin
-$5 Reach RR

Total OOP 1.97 and got $4.50 RR back from Crest. Thats more like it! :)

Then two transactions of just crest.

Crest 4.49

-.75 q

Total oop 3.75 get 4.50 RR


Little trip to Target... Amanda let me on to the All deal, I have more qs, so I will go back to get more.

Kids Crest1.97
All 1.00
Powerade .89

-.75 any Crest
-.75 Powerade (thanks Amanda!)
-$1 All

Total OOPl 1.39 (i acutally paid for toothpaste, but it is hard to get the kids kind for free!)

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $300.10
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $1751.23
85.37% Savings in total

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Amanda said...

ugh I couldnt find any of the oct books. one store denied having them till the next day