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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another day, another dollar....

Made a trip to Wags today. I figured with Hurrican Ike coming our way, I may not be able to again. It went well ran into one of my cheer parents and my neighbor :)

I wanted to use some of my RRs from the Robitussin deal. My trip went like this...

Trans 1
Hanging Halloween Creepy Thing for Dave 29.99
Princess Dress Up Kit 6.99
Play Toaster 6.99
My Little Pony Set 0 (buy 2 get one free)
Chemisty Hair Care 7.99 (free after rebate)
Crest Pro Health 3.79 (free after rebate)
Lympstr Chapstick 1.99 (free after rebate)
Revlon Nail Polish 4.49 (free after rebate) -$2 coupon
2 chapstick .99 and 1.79
Highlighter .25

- wags sales 3.24
- Revlon coupon $2
- 6 $10 RR deals
-$3/10 for new store

Total oop: .03 :)
And I will get $18.26 back for the rebate items +10%)


Trans #2
3 Robitussin
1 masque 2.50 (filler to help out the cosmetic girl)
-3 $3 qs
-$3/10 for new store

Total oop: $2.43
AND got $10 more towards next purchase

So over all I spent 2.46 got $10 RR and will get 20 something back in rebates :) So I made almost $30 :)

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $74.47
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $412.08

1 comment:

Amanda said...

that picture of the hanging skeleton guy does not justify how big that thing actually is.. we saw it at the store today very big, and woah, spooky!!
great deal. and great pick Dave!