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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back Home

Well we finally have power! That is fantastic news. We did, however, loose all of the food in our refrigerator despite our desperate attempts to keep them cool :( What a waste of money!! I had several pounds of ground beef, chicken, steaks, a huge thing of beef brisket not to mention frozen veggies, condiments, lunch meat, fresh fruit and veggies etc. Very sad day here!

I did do some shopping now that we are home. I had two trips that look like this.

Ghost Candle Holder 1.99
Strobe Light with Sound (Halloween) 9.99
Glade Candle 1.99
Spider Web 1.99
Nivea Mens Body Wash 4.99
Twizzlers .40
Reese Stick .75
Total: $22.10
-$1 Nivea
-$1 Glade
-2 $10 RR
Total OOP with tax: $.11

Will receive $1 for the Glade and $4.99 for the Nivea in Rebates, so profit of $5.88. I will add the rebates when they come though.

Because of the storm, I was also able to do two more sets of Robitussin even though the deal is over.

Total oop 5.94 got $20 in RR

My second trip was to Walmart. Also pictured is part of a trade I did.

I was thinking of whether or not to include my kids Christmas presents. I decided I will, so those are included too. This wasn't a great trip, but I got some things we needed.

Foam Mattress Thing $20.22
Huggies Wipes 2.36
Huggies Body Wash 2.77
Clean Team Wipes 2.38
Tshirt 4.50
Baby onsie 3.50
baby shirt 3.50
Dora Camera $9 (clearance)
Keyboard $10
Total 58.23
-.50 huggies q
-$2 Huggies bath when you buy wipes
Total OOP with Tax 60.33

However, for this we are going to call it $26.00 as I don't want to include clothing or the mattress cover in my yearly budget for food and hba.

Also, my friend Amanda, whos blog is posted to the left, and I did a trade. Just Bunches Cereal and Franks Red Hot (from me) for her 2 $5 Enfamil checks. She also gave me 2 gallons of milk!!!

Total Spent since Sept 1st: $132.66
Total Saved since Sept 1st: $605.07
78.07% Savings in total

1 comment:

Amanda said...

its great to have pictures back!! you got some great stuff!!!
you should calculate the milk savings into your stuff too, I think they were $3.49 & $3.48 (if you haven't already) I haven't added in the franks, or the bunches. but I did take off the $4 from the paper and Qs. (my math was getting wonky BTW, you are lucky to have an accountant in your home!!) also can you teach me how to post pictures like yours, and links, and blog list I think I know that, but dang this blog site, I've searched up and down.