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Friday, May 8, 2009


Target ALWAYS gives me a headache, the one closest to me always gives me trouble. I finally was able to "teach" the one manager that gives me trouble. If I have to explain/argue the difference between "one per purchase" and "one per transaction" one more time, I am going to SCREAM! :)

Trans 1

4 Fiber One Choice @ $1.79 used $.50 coupons

10 Quaker Bites @ $1 used $1 target q

Total $5.16 paid $2.86 on giftcard and $2.32 OOP got back $5 giftcard for Fiber One

Trans 2

4 Fiber One Choice @ $1.79 used $.50 coupons

15 Banana Boat @ $1 used $1 coupon

Total $5.16 used $5 gft card and $.16 OOP got back $5 Gift Card

Trans 3

4 Fiber One Choice @ $1.79 used $.50 coupons

Kaboom $3.24 (this works best in our shower)

Total $8.40 paid with $5 gift card and $3.67 OOP got back $5 Gift Card

Total today $6.15

Total for May $24.30

1 comment:

Amanda said...

so my excel idea didn't go as planned. well the printed part. I ended up printing in red lol. I so want more of the Quaker bites, those are my fav, and the girls like them too. I used to buy the straight out before I couponed, and they were the girl's breakfast, so easy, plus I like them too I see Paul got into one last night I found the wrapper in the garage this morning , great deal!... so kaboom is too good for coupons!