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Friday, May 1, 2009

Kroger and Walgreens

First, once again, I need to reiterate how AMAZING my BFF Amanda is :) She ALWAYS calls me to let me know about amazing deals and when she finds stuff in store, or to let me know which stores have what. Thanks again AMANDA for being AMAZING :)


Didn't go how I planned. I got the free salsa I wanted, but they didn't let me use my chip coupons :( BOOOO I still have more, so maybe I will try again at another store!

Two Transactions

Trans 1
2 Sara Lee Bread $2.49 BOGO
6 Salsa's $2.99 BOGO used BOGO q = Free
Tostidos $2, used $2 free chip at Kroger q

Total OOP $2.24

Trans 2
6 Salsa's $2.99 BOGO used BOGO q = Free
2 Kroger Yougurt to eat up overage $1

Total OOP $.75


26 2 packs of AA Batteries- clearanced $1.09 used $1 coupons = $.09 ea
6 KY Intrigue clearanced at $5.19 used $5 coupons - $.19/ea

Total $3.72 paid with RR and gift card... Total OOP Zero!

Total for May $2.99

1 comment:

Amanda said...

got an idea. take your receipt to Kroger Rosenberg and try to use the $3 Qs there...dont forget to bring along a couple of the soft soap Qs