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Monday, March 30, 2009

Wags and CVS

I got some deals yesterday, I need to get some more today to wrap things up, but here is what I have so far.


I recieved coupons for both my cards to get free paper towels, the easter egg things are free after ECBs, and the soaps... the one with the pump is 7.99 - $2q and the refill is 3.99 - $1 q, get $4 ECB and there is a $4 rebate making this a good deal :)


I had a ton of RRs expiring yeseterday, I still have some more that expire in a few days, so I had to get creative. I like to stock up on my kids b-day/christmas presents when I get good deals, so I decided to get this baby/stroller for my DD, it was on clearance for 14.99, since I had RR's to burn, this was perfect!

Skintimate is 2.99 and a $3 RR

Softsoap is 3.99 and a RR prints for a free one, these roll, so get your free one and another prints

Chapstick 1.99 and $2 RR

Mentos $2/2 and there are $1 coupons - Free

Wahl-itin - 6.99 FAR

Milk $2.79- not pictured

2 Sour Patch Kids - one not pictured, thanks to DH :) $1 each

Brush Set 3.99

band-aids 1.79

Little Easter Thing for DD .79

Hunts .99 ea to wrap up March deal

Watermelon- not from Walgreens :)

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Amanda said...

I finally bookmarked your page! lol
I was just clicking through my site to get here.. lol, too lazy to use the keyboard sometimes!