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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Randalls? Since when do I shop at Randalls?

I had to confess to Amanda yesterday that she is KILLING ME! When she coupons, she shops all the time, almost every day, and I feel this panicked urge to keep up with her. LOL So alas, Ive been "forced" to shop again. LOL
So Randalls... I never shop there, like never never, no reason really, its just not as cheap as other places, although I wish it were. Its so pretty and calming and the people are so nice :) I had a problem with getting this deal to work on the register, but they were really nice and made it work! I think now that I got the wrong kind of Halls. Oh well :)

4 Kraft Dressings 2.00 ea (1.50 q)

4 Halls $1 ea (i think the ones on deal were 1.25, i used $1 q)

1 Fuze Drink 1.25 (.25 q tripled to .75)

3 Cream Cheese .99 ea - I did this to eat up overage

- $5 Mix and Match Deal

Total OOP .51 :)


I did two different stores for walgreens. I had more RRs to burn, I HATE that feeling, that I have to spend money on crap I don't want. But needless to say, here is what went down

Store 1

Skintimate 2.49 ($3 RR)

Peeps .69 (got 2)

Softsoap 3.99 (free after q- BTW this is no longer rolling)

11 One a days 1.49 ea (used 4 $4/2 coupons) Thanks Amanda!!

6 Mentos $1 (used $1 qs)

Chapstick 1.99 ($2 RR)

Paid with $6 RR and .25 OOP, got $3 RR from Skintimate and $2 RR from Chapstick

Store 2

Ramen .29 (as you can see, I was desperate to spend money, lol)

Ramen 6 pack 1.39

4 Mentos

Yoohoo .99

Skintimate 2.49

Chapstick 1.99

Barilla Pasta 2/$3

Paid with $10 RR and .15 OOP, got $5 in RR back


Wall-e $15

Pets N Pals $18.99

Backyardigans $18.99

2 Huggies @ 5.49

4 Cheetos @ 1.29

- 4 $1 Cheetos Target qs

- 2 $5 Huggies IPs

-3 $5 Leapster IPs

- $5/$35 Leapster Target Coupon

Total OOP $36.xx

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