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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pictures Today

I want to do a little side blog today some pictures we had taken today. Tina Zak did a great job with our family! Check out her blog http://tinazak.blogspot.com/ If you are in the Houston area and need some pictures taken, shes your girl! Thanks Tina!!
Our daughter, we do "I Love You" signs and "kiss" our hands together. She showed us her I love you sign then kissed them together. She melts my heart :)

Our Family!! While our baby didn't quite cooperate, the pictures turned out beautifully!


~Janae~ said...

Yes they did... you do have a beautiful family Nena!!

Daniel said...

Great picture. He sure has grown up from when I saw him last (3-4 hours old) haha. And she is as cute as ever!

Side note...I didn't want to put your kids' names in there as I noticed that you don't have them anywhere on your blog. I know some parents who are very cautious with things like that. For future reference, is there a strategic move or is it just lack of opportunity? I know, I'm a dork.