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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Walmart and Target

Alright, so alot of the food items I bought are not pictured here. We had to do a quick drop off before going back out so most things were put away.

Here were some of the things that I did get that rocked. I do have to say also... good things come to those who wait... ok so this usually isn't the case with couponing but that B!tchy cashier that wouldn't let me use my Hefty coupons on the trial size of 7... THANKS! I got to get full sized boxes and I didn't even have to fight with you!! (Walmart dropped the price from 2 something to $1) Thanks Manager Lydia for making my deal even sweeter!! :)

13 Reach Floss $1 used $1 coupon = Free

13 Kotex Pads $1 used $1 coupon = Free

12 boxes of Hefty Bags $1 used $1 coupon = Free

Freshetta Pizza $5 used $1 peelie on box

2 A1 sauce $2.08 used $2 coupon = $.08/ea

Ok, and lots of other random food items :)

Total OOP: 52.21

OK, I thought I was going to have a problem here when the not so nice cashier trainer offered to check me out. Fortunately he didn't give a big fight. I don't think he believed me (gave me the "one per purchase" line) But I still got what I wanted :) It just irritates me that he is the one TEACHING the cashiers and he still does know... also goes with the other woman trainer.... grrrr...

Anyway, on with the deals

Dryer Ice cream $2.33 used $1 target coupon
13 Dawn $2.49 used 13 $.50 target coupons and 13 $1.50 manu coupon = $.49/ea

Total OOP $8.33

Total OOP for July $60.54

Yes I know about the Dryer Ice cream that is $1.19, but its cheaper to get the bigger one. Some stores have it for $1.12 and that may be a bit cheaper, but this worked best for us!!

And yeah this is a high start for the month...hopefully the rest will taper off!

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