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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kroger Run....

Amanda and I ran to Kroger in Katy to get some items. I still have more coupons but don't enjoy doing more than 3 transactions! LOL

I had to break them up because of Kroger's limit of 3 identical coupons per transaction. This week is their Datona sale, buy 10 items from the list and get $3 taken off of your total.

First the items not included in the Datona deal

9 Boxes of Minute Maid Frozen Treats $1 used $.50 coupon doubled = Free

9 McCormick @ $1 used 9 $.50 coupons doubled = Free

12 Suave deod $1 used $.50 doubled (Amanda threw 3 in with one of her trans)

5 A1 Marinades @ $2 used 5 $2 coupons

Datona Deals

7 Kraft BBQ Sauce $.99 used $0.75 Q = $0.24

8 Purex $2.79 used $.35 q tripled = $1.79

2 Kroger Cheese @ $.99

ChefBoyArdee 9 @$0.92 used 3 $0.35/3 Qs tripled = $5.13

2 Boxes of Fruit Snacks $1.79 ea used $.50/2 and shortcuts.com q on my card but ONCE AGAIN the coupon wasn't taken off. Doesn't surprise me, they never work.

2 Bags of Cheetos $1.66

Total OOP $20.54. High, but I did expect that since I got 8 bottles of laundry detergent. Good to me!!

Total OOP for July $81.08. Wow, its only the 5th. I have a feeling I will go over this month... only a hunch though :) LOL We do have our garage sale in 2 weeks but I don't typically take that out of my budget, I just consider it extras. We shall see :)

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Amanda said...

you know I had an ecoupon for the fruit snacks as well, one from cellfire and one from shortcuts, the cellfire one worked and the shortcuts one didn't!!
I was wondering how you did your pic. the frozen stuff stayed pretty cool in the cooler I was pleasantly surprised! the ones on the top were a little soft, but not alot. we did good this trip!