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Monday, June 22, 2009


First, Sorry for the lack of actual pictures!

I believe I mentioned that I have been extremely busy the last few weeks, I know I did on my other blog, but I just want to reiterate that.
I went to Kroger a few days ago to get some essentials, bread, eggs, cookies...??? yes, DH things those are essential, LOL. I also found some manager's special Jennie O ground turkey for $1.29/lb, so I got 4 of those. My total was $12.74 I also went to HEB a few days ago for fresh fruit.. my total was $12.39

Last night we went to Walmart to get some much needed groceries. Since DS is now on table food we needed some baby friendly foods for him. We also needed to restock our pantry on some things like black olives, gravy mixes etc. I also got a few things with deals

8 Bottles of A1 sauce @ $2.08/ea used 8 $2 qs
6 Bottles of Kraft BBQ Sauce @ $.98 used $.75 qs
12 Capri Sun Sunrise @ $1.78 used 12 $1 qs, (DD LOVES these!)
We also used a few other coupons but nothing too noteworthy! Sorry for the lack of pictures!! We did get a ton of groceries, so that was good, but OOP was...OUCH


TOTAL OOP for JUNE $96.54, looks like I am just about tapped out!!

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